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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a tuition waiver. Can I apply for a Foundation Scholarship?
As a rule, students receiving tuition waivers are not eligible for Foundation Scholarships. This allows the Foundation to help as many students as possible. If you have a specific need, contact Financial Assistance.

Can I use my Foundation Scholarship at another school?
Foundation scholarships are ONLY for use at ICC. The only exceptions are listed under "Transfer Scholarships."

I don't qualify for Federal Aid. Am I still eligible to apply for a Foundation Scholarship?
Absolutely. While all applicants are encouraged to apply for Federal Assistance, the Foundation uses a broader definition of need. Many people who don't qualify for Federal Aid may qualify for a Foundation Scholarship.

Are all Foundation Scholarships based on need?
Need is a criteria for most, but not all scholarships. The Foundation offers scholarships based on academic excellence, specific areas of study, certain interests and ethnic or family background. There are even scholarships with a preference to graduates of specific high schools or residents of certain towns. If in doubt, be sure to apply!

Do I need to choose which scholarships I apply for?
No, only one online application is necessary. Using the information that you provide, you will be matched with and considered for each scholarship for which you are eligible.

Where do I submit my application?

Can I submit my application on paper instead of online?
If you are applying for a Foundation Scholarship to attend ICC, you must apply online at If you have extenuating circumstances and require assistance in completing the application, please call (309) 694-5324.

I plan to enroll in a four year college or university in the upcoming FALL SEMESTER and would like to apply for one of the "transfer scholarships". Can I use the online application process?
Because the additional application requirements vary greatly for these scholarship, the online application process IS NOT AVAILABLE for Transfer Scholarships. Please call (309) 694-5324 or e-mail to request a Transfer Scholarship Application. Students may view the Transfer Scholarships online.

I understand that the Foundation requires two letters of reference from non-family members. Do the letters need to be submitted online like the application?
Yes, when you reach this portion of the application process you will be asked to print instructions to give to those you would like to write your letters.

I received a Foundation Scholarship for the past academic year. Do I need to reapply?
YES. You must re-apply for Foundation Scholarships each academic year unless you have received one of a few "renewable" scholarships. If you are not sure, call (309) 694-5324.

Do I have to apply for Federal Aid?
Not necessarily, but students qualifying for federal and state financial should access this source of revenue prior to applying for Foundation scholarships.

It's after April 1. Can I still apply for a scholarship?
The application system will be closed as of 11:59 p.m. April 1. Only candidates with completed applications at that time will be considered. After April 1 see for all scholarship information and updates.

Who chooses the scholarship recipients?
A scholarship selection committee, consisting of both ICC employees and/or community members, selects scholarship recipients.

How will I know if I've received a scholarship?
Every applicant will receive a notification letter, stating whether or not he or she has received a scholarship.

Will I get a refund?
Foundation scholarships only pay UP TO your expenses. Refunds are generated in only two circumstances:

Do I have to pay my bill?
A code will be placed on your student account indicating you are to receive a Foundation Scholarship. This code will keep you from being dropped from your classes. Any remaining balance is your responsibility.

How do I get my books?
Scholarships are applied to tuition and fees first, but most can also be used for books. Before you buy your books, contact the Financial Assistance office. A bookstore credit will be established in your name and must be used within the first two weeks of the semester.